July 2021

Dear Pamela,

Thank you for this enlightening stroll through your magical oasis. You have truly created a visual but also a spiritual sanctuary, that manages to feel welcoming while it is totally private, protected and serene.  A meditative refuge, where you can dwell deeper into your thoughts, undisturbed by the noice from the daily surrounding. You have a wonderful and unique creative talent and gift!

We all have a primal human desire to understand the world around us....and perhaps art is a way to act upon this evolutionary inclination. An opportunity to turn our thoughts into action, fed by the desire to know, to explore in order to inhabit a dream.

A need fed by an aspiration to better understand once own individuality...a sort of silent personal conversation, within which risks are taken, ideas are processed and content is being investigated...The creative gesture, being an action that generates new concepts in order to differ, determine and resolve in an attempt to see the world anew.

To me your pieces are visual perceptions and reflections of past, present and future. A collection of artworks, whose visual appearance have been accreted by the fundamental influential elements in your life. In your creative act you visually explore their interactive, physical and emotional power and balance. A gesture within which you givebirth to the visual architecture and pattern between these components that truthfully depicts the symbolic meaning they hold to you.

Your artwork seems to start off from a canvas, an empty stage that awaits the “actors”to take place. There is an organization and a planning here, a momentary reflection of production. A consideration of the different forms, that serve to create a unified visual function rather than a tight knit between form and function.

The piece by your fireplace, which repeat of pattern giving a different facet to the same motif. All of which transcend a highly intimate, emotional dialogue. Telling the onlooker a sensual and philosophical story about the  interaction between two.

There is something important that is urging to be said and understood here, about the purely visual aspect of smallness measured by the comparison of the general wholeness. It almost looks like an observation of a grain...of something larger made out of some prefabricated parts/forms. Two parts whose function is to provide a general sense of wholeness, but within which the parts are not full equal and the colors are expressing contradictory experiences. Effects that gives an optical illusion of a sort of unified glow.... making it difficult for the observer to fully sens/identify the dividing line between he two.  

The positioning of the seemingly unified, but “cracked seed” seems to emerge after a longer period of reflection.  Appearing as a visual abstracted motif of balance and power, that illustrates the elements and the space in between. Analyzing an image of inclusion and exclusion, by giving the filled or voided space equality of values. Resulting in an effect that makes the various elements talk to one another by their presence, or absence of color, mass and space. It depicts a beautiful interplay between regularity and unpredictability, rhythm and stillness, playfulness and seriousness.

The motifs carry a sort of vertical narrative, which gives a suggestion of different activities and rupture.

Illustrating a debate between two stories that occur much beyond the first impressions of the “individual /(circular) ”one....It feels as if the works silently tries to challenge issues of wholeness and structure, by their anecdotal and generic referrals. Aiding to reconstructing by the action of its assemblage,  a historical motif that documents and references various inter-exchanges/collaborations in the past.

Note from Curator, Cecilia Dupire , Water Mill, Li studio visit, July 2021

Juniper Rag Feature